Fox Terrier Club

of Maryland

Fox Terrier Breed Info

The Fox Terrier is a small 16 to 20 lb dog, that is sturdy, tough and dynamic. This is not a delicate lapdog. The Fox Terrier is very alert and keen and can make an excellent watch dog. The Wire Fox Terrier does not shed much, but the Smooth does. However, the Wire Fox Terrier requires regular brushing and grooming. The Fox Terrier is a very intellegent and loving breed that demands attention and excercise. This is not the quite sit in the corner boring breed. It is always looking for an adventure and loves to see and meet new people and see new places. Some Fox Terriers are not good in multi-dog households. Some Fox Terriers get along fine with other dogs.

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Owners of Fox Terriers must be willing to provide enough exercise and activities to keep them busy. They can occasionally be somewhat aggressive towards other animals and they love to chase. The Fox Terrier can be very stubborn and is known to like to help you garden by digging holes. When adequate excercise is given, there are rarely any problems with Fox Terriers. Excercise is the key.


The Fox Terrier is a very lively dog that is feisty, independent impulsive and sometimes intense. If adequate excerise and activities are given the Fox Terrier is a wonderful companion that loves to sit in your lap. Generally the Wire Fox Terrier is not a barking dog. The Smooth Fox Terrier generally barks more.


Fox Terriers must have regular opportunities to vent their energy and to use their intelligent and busy minds to do new and interesting things. Most problems with Fox Terriers has to do with inadequate excercise. If you own a "problem Fox Terrier" the first thing you should start doing is taking the dog for long 1 to 2 mile walks daily. It is great for you and it will close to eliminate your issues.


Many Fox Terriers are escape artists who will quickly go over or under fences. You may need a higher fence than you may think for such a small dog. Fox Terriers should never be left alone in your yard.


Fox Terriers can be excellent with children. Caution should be excercised as children can inflict pain on the dog. Fox Terriers have a high tolerance for this, however, any dog will bite if it is annoyed enough. Children must be taught not to aggrevate a dog, or the child will be bitten. Many do not recommend any Terrier with small children. If the child is taught to treat the dog properly their should be no problems. Fox Terriers love people more than other dogs. As long as the child is taught how to treat a dog there should be no problems. Small children who try to pickup and carry a Fox Terrier can inflict much pain on the dog. Any dog will bite a person inflicting pain.


Not all Fox Terriers are alike, each has a mind of his own. Most are wonderful pets that are healthy and strong and present very few problems for the owner.