Fox Terrier Club

of Maryland


Welcome to the Fox Terrier Club of Maryland


Fox Terriers are 2 distinct breeds. One is the Wire Fox Terrier with its longer coat that has a wiry texture and is do dense the skin can not be seen even with the hair parted. The Smooth Fox Terrier has a shorter coat that is smooth, dense and hard.

The purpose of the Fox Terrier Club of Maryland is to promote the breeds of purebred Wire Fox Terrier and Smooth Fox Terriers and to define precisely the true type and to urge the adoption of such type by breeders, judges, dog show committees and others as the only recognized standards by which fox terriers should be judged; and to do all possible to protect and advance the interest of the breeds.  The true type for the Wire Fox Terrier , the true type for a  Smooth Fox Terrier