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Hand Stripping vs Cutting on Wires

Hand Stripping vs Cutting Hair on Terriers

Wire Fox Terriers hair varies drastically depending on the method used to groom the dog.  

You basically have 2 choices in grooming a Wire Fox Terrier:  Hand stripping (pulling hair out) or cutting the hair.  Regardless of the method the dog will need to be groomed on a regular basis as the hair can grow quite long and get matted.  Wire Fox Terriers need to be brushed and combed to prevent matting.

Hand Stripping

This method should only be used on certain breeds. Do not use this method on a smooth fox terrier.

Hand stripping results in a beautiful coat that is coarse and hard with thick straight to slightly wavy hair.  The whites are whiter and the blacks are blacker.  It requires some work on the coat to maintain it.  A minium of 2 hours every 3 weeks to keep a dog in a reasonably good coat.  If you are going to show a dog it must be hand stripped and more work will be needed than the 2 hour minium.

Very few commercial groomers know how to hand strip or would be willing to hand strip.  You will have to learn to do this yourself or find a speciality groomer to perform this work.

I have had several people stop and ask about my dogs hand stripped coat.

The following picture is of a Wire Fox Terrier Hand Stripped 



















Cutting the Hair of a Wire Fox Terrier.

Cutting the hair of a wire fox terrier results in a very soft curly coat.  The whites are not as white and the blacks are somewhat grey.  The hair is much finer.

It is easier to find a groomer who will cut the hair.  Most likely they will have the lines wrong and the dog will end up with a generic terrier hair cut.

The following picture is of a cut wire fox terriers hair.  This dogs hair has some wire coat mixed it from having hair pulled while combing.  Over time, the hair will be very soft and curly and it will lose its intense coloration

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