Fox Terrier Club

of Maryland

Dog Shows

There are many types of dog shows, agility, field trials, obedience, earth dog and conformation.

Most club members participate in conformation shows in which dogs are judge against the standard.  This is the typical show that you would see on TV such as the famous Westminster Show.  

Traveling to conformation shows is a great way of meeting breeders and handlers of Fox Terriers.  Be sure to check out our recommended show list as some shows will have few Fox Terriers while others could have 20 to 50 dogs.  If this is your first show, please visit our "first time at a show etiquette" page to learn when is the best time to approach the breeders and handlers and what not to do.  

Another popular show for Fox Terriers is the earth dog competitions.  This is where the dogs are judged on their hunting abilities underground in small 9 inch by 9 inch tunnels that vary in length and complexity.  This is the origin of the Fox Terrier and it is a fun way to see these dogs in action.